Inter Milan signing Colombian Granada centre-back Jeison Murillo, 22, upon the pre-contract agreement is peculiar deliberation his circumstances.

It prompts we to theorize the motives during the behind of Inter Milan locking Murillo down as the summer send window signing.


State of Affairs

Despite being upon the books of Granada—and in theory, Udinese—Murillo has been articulate about Inter Milan with unrestrained enthusiasm.

“I appreciate God for this opportunity. … The devise is for me to stay during Granada until the finish of the deteriorate as good as afterwards have the pierce to Inter Milan,” Murillo said, per Radio Caracol (h/t Stefan Coerts during Goal). “Both clubs have concluded terms…this is the mental condition come true.”

Context: Murillo has been pulling for the vital send given final November.

“I instruct to go upon to grow as the chairman as good as the player to open the doors to the bigger club,” Murillo said, per AS (h/t Football Espana). “You should never solve for what we have yet have the aspiration for many more.”

It is not the initial time the Serie A bar has gamble upon an unfancied La Liga defender:

  • Victor Ruiz | Espanyol  Napoli: €8.5/£6.1 million (21 years old; 2011).
  • Jeison Murillo | Granada → Inter Milan: €8/£5.9 million (22 years old; 2015).
  • Chico Flores | Almeria  Genoa: €5/£3.6 million (23 years old; 2010).

If we have been to review Inter Milan signing Murillo to Napoli’s merger of Ruiz and Chico starting to Genoa, dual difference should come to mind: distributed gambles.

Ruiz, during the time the Spain girl international, averaged 3.1 interceptions per diversion in his final La Liga deteriorate for Espanyol (2010-11) as good as had been mending underneath the origin of then-Espanyol manager Mauricio Pochettino.

“When we saw [Pochettino] as the player, he was frightening,” Ruiz said, per Sid Lowe during the Guardian“But in chairman he is the expect opposite.”

Lost in the trifle behind Hugo Campagnaro, Paolo Cannavaro and Salvatore Aronica, Ruiz’s Serie A army was forgettable, reduced as good as unspectacular.

Chico, the fiery, ardent as good as gifted defender, hexed the attributes that referred to he could passing from the single to another in to an chosen centre-back. 

I have no personal complaint with Chico, upon the contrary—we substituted shirts afterward, yet in the football clarity we did not similar to it,” Xavi said, per Jesus Carrillo during “It was though disbelief the single of the many worried [games we have] gifted in the final 10 or twelve years upon the pitch.”

Gaining calumny for irrepressibly imprinting Xavi out of the game, Chico was approaching to browbeat obtuse players.

Chico proposed 7 games as good as averaged 45.4 mins in his the single as good as usually Serie A deteriorate for Genoa (2010-11).


Is Murillo Value For Money?

The elephant in the room is the price involved, which Murillo has dodged.

“I do not instruct to verbalise about the numbers [of the deal], as that something in between the dual clubs,” Murillo said, per Heath Chesters during Inside Spanish Football. “Starting from July, my personification rights will afterwards spin the skill of Inter Milan.”

Granada president Quique Pina revealed Murillo’s income will increase some-more than threefold.

“[Murillo] will embrace €1 million/£723,883 the year for 5 seasons with Inter Milan,” Pina said, per Ideal (h/t Football Italia). “That’s utterly the lot some-more than the €300,000/£217,165 he was creation with us this season.”

Inter Milan have invested €8/£5.9 million in Murillo, per Alfredo Pedulla during Sportitalia (h/t Claudio Colla at, that is the same price available by Transfermarkt.

€8/£5.9 million? Seriously?

It is critical we assimilate Inter Milan’s stream centre-back situation.

  • Andrea Ranocchia: How can he authority his counterclaim if he is the single of the misfortune players during Inter Milan? It is the homogeneous of Per Mertesacker—a guilt in Arsenal’s defence, giving instructions to his teammates. Ranocchia epitomises the expression: “Do as we say, not as we do.”
  • Hugo Campagnaro: A keep-getting-them-checks guy. Inter Milan should give the awaiting from the Primavera the possibility instead of wasting mins upon Campagnaro.
  • Juan Jesus: A inclusive ball-winner (3.2 tackles, 2.6 interceptions per game), yet he is prohibited as good as cold. The “he is still young” forgive is close to the death date as he is right away 23.
  • Marco Andreolli: Not the domicile name. Andreolli the regressive as good as reactive defender.
  • Nemanja Vidic: Unconvincing as good as has outlayed portions of the deteriorate upon the bench. Still has time to spin around his campaign.

This is because there have been eleven Serie A clubs with improved defences than Inter Milan.

Murillo, a 6’0″, 165-pound defender, has excellent, Ivan Cordoba-like liberation speed.

Outstanding in the air as good as the low-risk tackler (0.9 fouls per game), Murillo has tall upside.

But this has been his misfortune deteriorate in Europe. Murillo is unsuitable as good as his concentration levels have noticeably declined:

  • Passes per diversion has forsaken from 32.8 (2013-14) to 27.8 (2014-15).
  • Pass-accuracy commission has dipped from 85.2 (2013-14) to 79.7 (2014-15).
  • Careless in receive as good as was nude off the round by Barcelona forward Lionel Messi, who capitalised in a 6-0 win over Granada.
  • Turned over the round to Real Madrid right-back Daniel Carvajal, whose pass to Karim Benzema enabled the Frenchman to tee up Cristiano Ronaldo for the idea in a 4-0 win over Granada.

Form aside, there have been aptness concerns with Murillo, whose all-action personification style, creates him receptive to injuries.

Murillo has usually played 56 percent of this La Liga deteriorate (his final joining diversion was Dec 14, 2014), as good as his liberation time has been the articulate point for Granada manager Abel Resino.

“The complaint [Murillo] has right away is removing behind to the rise of his fitness,” Resino said, per Heath Chesters during Inside Spanish Football. “[However], he’s recovered good from [previous injuries].”

Inter Milan signing Murillo, who has been unsuitable as good as injured, upon the pre-contract for around €8/£5.9 million is not an economically fit deal. 

Murillo will be the plan same to Juan Jesus—you see chosen potential, yet can he perform upon the unchanging basis?



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