Santi Cazorla stays committed to Arsenal in between rumours he could be upon his approach behind to his local Spain during a finish of a season, with his stipulate set to finish in 2016.

In an talk with El Mundo (h/t ESPN FC), a midfielder done it transparent he has no goal of withdrawal a Gunners prior to then:

Arsenal’s Santi Cazorla is personification down a probable summer pierce behind to his homeland. In an talk with El Mundo, the Gunners’ midfielder pronounced he’s listened a rumours of a pierce to Atletico Madrid, though says he’s happy in north London right now.

Cazorla congratulated Atleti’s Diego Simeone for a reconstruction he’s helped a bar to as good as for his latest contract. Cazorla discerning combined that, notwithstanding his adore for Madrid, he feels valued during Arsenal as good as is committed to fool around out his stipulate there, which runs until subsequent summer.

The 30-year-old Spain general has been a single of a club’s many unchanging performers in 2014-15, creation twenty-five Premier League starts so far, per

But with a finish of his stream understanding discerning approaching, a small have been job for Arsene Wenger to income in upon Cazorla right divided as good as put together a younger side over a summer. Le Grove is a single of them, essay for ESPN FC:

The preference will expected be done this summer—whether to suggest Cazorla a latest stipulate or pierce on—but as distant as a player himself is concerned, there’s no reason to pour out things.

Bleacher Report’s James McNicholas is of identical opinion, as good as he thinks a pass to success subsequent deteriorate is tying a turnover during a summer:

Cazorla is still a really in effect player, since unchanging mins with Spain’s inhabitant group as good as a mark in Wenger‘s starting XI. There’s small disbelief a group similar to Atletico Madrid would be peaceful to compensate good income for someone whose been in between a really most appropriate during this upon all sides during a final couple of years, around WhoScored:

Getting younger players is never a bad idea, though it might be foolish to pull for an additional patrol reconstruct by relocating upon from Cazorla. The Spaniard has only a single deteriorate left upon his stream deal, so do not design any bar to overspend only to pierce him in to a fold.

Meanwhile, bringing in a deputy wouldn’t be easy, as good as whoever arrived would need time to conform to Wenger‘s complement as good as a vigour which comes with personification during a Emirates.

In all likelihood, Cazorla will be donning a red as good as white subsequent deteriorate as well.


Jose Luis Gaya Reportedly Rejects Valencia Contract Offer

Big headlines from Spain, where star full-back Jose Luis Gaya has reportedly incited down a stipulate prolongation from Valencia in between seductiveness from Arsenal as good as Real Madrid, around Football Espana:

Metro‘s Jamie Sanderson links a 19-year-old with a Gunners, who have been examination a Spaniard with a penetrating seductiveness as good as could right divided endorse to have their move.

Valencia CEO Amadeo Salvo refused to endorse nor repudiate a ongoing incident with Gaya, as reported by AS (h/t Football Espana), giving a mysterious summary instead:

We’ve regularly pronounced which in between Jan as good as Mar we’d hit a players who longed for to replenish [their contracts].

We’ve talked to their agents as good as have been in a routine [of negotiating]. Each [renewal] has a own timeframe as good as we’re collaborating with those who instruct to stay.

Our notice [of these negotiations] is positive. As a weeks go forward, there’ll be some-more news.

Gaya is scored equally to a bar until 2018 though has a buyout proviso of only €18 million, a diverting volume for a player at large regarded as a tip rising full-back in Spain.

Often compared to Barcelona’s Jordi Alba, Gaya plays upon a left side of Valencia’s defence, discerning erasing all memories of Juan Bernat, who left a bar for Bayern Munich during summer.

The Continental Zone’s Conner Gayda highlighted a small of his pass attributes:

Gaya is a fast-paced, attack-minded full-back (or wing-back) who mostly streaks down a flanks, formulating space for enemy as good as others. He additionally creates a consistent as good as in effect tie with defensive midfielder Javi Fuego.

  1. Pace – this charge allows Gaya to say tie with Pablo Piatti as good as others whilst permitting for a discerning defensive liberation when receive is lost.
  2. Crossing – His left feet allows for glorious in balls to a likes of Negredo as good as Paco Alcacer– good headers of a ball.
  3. Acceleration – his perfect capability to speed up so discerning is singular as good as creates him a force both defensively as good as offensively.

Valencia will go upon to do whatever they can to have certain they do not remove a star full-back in uninterrupted summers, though as prolonged as his buyout proviso stays unchanged, he’s there for a taking.

And with Marcelo personification large mins in Madrid, a youngster might only whim his chances of starting for Arsenal a small more. If that’s a case, a Gunners could be upon foot divided with a take of a summer window.


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